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White Label Services

With our technology, we help businesses go one step further.
We enable companies to offer cross border money transfers and payment solutions on a single platform.

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White Label Services

Pay2Home specialises in the development and supply of premium payment logistics products and
services that facilitate seamless, timely and secure funds transfers around the world. Powered by
Pay2Home, companies that support remitters can offer their own branded cross border remittance and
payment solutions on a single platfrom without the need to invest in the development process.

Why Use Pay2Home White Label System?

Comprehensive Turnkey Platform

Provides a turnkey end-to-end solution system that includes all customer-facing applications and intelligent back office support

Easy Onboarding

A centralised, fully functional electronic payment & service platform designed to seamlessly integrate with other existing processing systems

Low Cost, Low Risk

Access to easy-to-use technology with multiple services at low cost and low risk


Utilises a web-based system which is easily scalable and does not require major investment in technology