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Terms and Conditions – 10.10 Lucky Draw

  1. The Organiser
    1. The 10.10 Lucky Draw (“Grand Draw”) is organised by Wandr Pte. Ltd., hereafter known as “Pay2Home
  2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
    1. By registering or taking part in this lucky draw, the participant (“You”) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, available at, and any further conditions contained herein, along with the decisions of Pay2Home in relation to and in connection with this lucky draw.
  3. Qualifying Period
    1. The lucky draw commences on 10th October 2022, 00:00 hr and ends on 10th November 2022, 23:59 hrs (“Lucky Draw Period”).
    2. Pay2Home reserves the right to change the lucky draw period.
  4. Eligibility
    1. The lucky draw is open to all Pay2Home account holders (members) with at least one qualifying transaction during the Lucky Draw Period.
    2. The employees of Pay2Home and members of their immediate families will not be eligible to participate in this lucky draw.
    3. Corporate customers of Pay2Home are not eligible to participate in this lucky draw.
    4. To be eligible for the Lucky Draw, you must successfully complete all 3 tasks as follow within the lucky draw period
      1. Follow Pay2Home on Facebook or Instagram.
      2. Tag 2 friends and let us know why you choose Pay2Home as your money transfer provider under comments in the 10.10 Pay2Home Challenge post.
      3. Send a money transfer of SGD 100 or more.
    5. Pay2Home reserves the right to determine in its sole and absolute discretion all matters arising out of or in connection with the lucky draw, including whether you satisfy the criteria to participate in the lucky draw and/or your eligibility for the lucky draw. Pay2Home’s determination of all matters relating to the lucky draw shall be final and binding, with no obligation to disclose its reason(s). No appeal, objection, challenge or correspondence will be entered into.
  5. Entries Permitted
    1. Only one entry is permitted per customer.
  6. Prize
    1. The prize is as follows:
      • Grand Prize: TEN (10) free money transfers, subject to a limit of SGD 10 per money transfer.
    2. The prize is non-negotiable, exchangeable for cash, credit or kind, in full or in part, and is not replaceable if lost, damaged or stolen.
    3. Pay2Home reserves the right to, at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion, without notice or assigning any reason therefore, to replace and/or substitute any of the prize with any other prize of equal or similar value.
    4. Pay2Home will not be liable or responsible for any defects, deficiency, quality, merchantability, or any other aspect of the prize(s), or any goods or services redeemed/claimed under the lucky draw, or the acts or defaults of the merchant, agent, supplier or service provider of the prize(s) or any goods or services redeemed/ claimed under the lucky draw.
  7. Winners and Notification
    1. There will be a total of ONE (1) winner for this lucky draw.
    2. The draw will be conducted on 17th November 2022, 14:00 hr at 287 Beach Road, Singapore 199551.
    3. Pay2Home’s decision as to the eligibility of participants and selection of winners is final. No correspondence relating to the lucky draw will be entered into.
    4. Should you be one of the winners, you will be notified by telephone call or any possible means of contact deemed appropriate by Pay2Home with information as to when and where the prize can be collected.
    5. If you (i) cannot be contacted after a period of fourteen (14) days following reasonable attempts made by Pay2Home; (ii) refuse to accept the prize; (iii) do not collect the prize within thirty (30) days, it shall be deemed that you have forfeited and automatically waived all rights to claim the prize, and Pay2Home may at its sole discretion pick an alternative winner.
    6. To claim/redeem the prize, you may be required to sign and return to Pay2Home an Affidavit of Eligibility/ Liability Release Form including, if so required, a publicity release form within thirty (30) days of notification date. Any such documents not duly completed and/or returned to Pay2Home may result in the forfeiture of prize.
    7. Pay2Home reserves the right, where necessary, to undertake all such action as is reasonable to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid claims including, without limitation, to require further verification as to the your identity, age, and other relevant details.
  8. Limitation of Liability / Indemnity
    1. By entering the lucky draw, you agree to release Pay2Home from any liability whatsoever for any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the lucky draw or with the acceptance, possession, attendance at or use of any prize.
  9. General Terms
    1. Pay2Home reserves the right, at anytime and in its sole and absolute discretion, without notice or assigning any reason therefore, to vary, modify, add, or revise any of the terms and conditions governing the lucky draw or terminate, withdraw, extend or shorten the lucky draw, with or without notice or reason. Such change on terms and conditions shall be effective immediately upon posting to this webpage and you understand and agree to be bound by any such variation.
    2. By participating in this lucky draw, you will be deemed to have consented to Pay2Home to use any information which includes but is not limited to your name, likeness, images or photographs, and your public social media profiles or information for Pay2Home’s advertising and promotional purposes for unlimited period without additional compensation unless prohibited by law.
    3. As a condition of accepting the prize(s), the winner(s) will be required to sign and return to Pay2Home any legal documentation in the form required by Pay2Home in its absolute discretion, including but not limited to a legal release and indemnity form.
  10. Applicable Law
    1. The lucky draw and these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and you are deemed to have irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore. Any person who is not a participant to this lucky draw shall have no rights under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act to enforce any of these terms and conditions.