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Instant and Convenient Pay2Home Registration with Singpass Myinfo

Instant Registration with Pay2Home
Instant Registration with Pay2Home

SINGAPORE, 29 April 2022 — Pay2Home, a leading money transfer firm in Singapore, has launched a new account registration feature, allowing customers to tap on Myinfo, a digital service from Singpass, to conveniently complete the registration process on the Pay2Home Mobile app or to update their personal details.

With Singpass Myinfo, new customers can instantly provide personal information from government sources, for speedy and convenient form-filling, without submitting supporting identification documents. Upon a customer's consent and authorisation, the required personal details are automatically filled, enabling hassle free registration that improves the registration experience of the customer.

Singpass provides a convenient and secure platform for users to transact with Government agencies and private sector organisations such as Pay2Home. To date, this includes over 700 organisations offering secure access to more than 2,000 digital and online services. David Hulme, Pay2Home director, said, “We constantly strive to make the money transfer experience easier for our customers. In the last 2 years, our Mobile app users have more than doubled so we are simplifying their digital journey without compromising on security. With the integration of Singpass Myinfo in the Pay2Home Mobile app, I am confident that new and current users will appreciate the convenience.”

Pay2Home is known as a fintech for its trailblazing efforts in leading digital transformation in global money transfers, being the first home-grown remittance firm to offer money transfers via the Pay2Home Mobile app, along with more than 40 Money Transfer Machines island wide, which provides round-the-clock money transfer services.

To initiate a convenient and secure user registration with Pay2Home, users simply need to tap on “Retrieve Myinfo with Singpass”. Users must then authenticate themselves via Singpass and consent to the retrieval of their personal details to complete the registration form.

About Pay2Home

Pay2Home bridges the gap between the FinTech world and the established payment infrastructure, producing innovative cross-border payment solutions within the supporting regulatory framework. A homegrown financial institution, formerly invested in by the Economic Development Board of Singapore and a SE Asian bank, Pay2Home has received multiple entrepreneurship and break through business awards. It has been repeatedly ranked as a top 1,000 SME and holds financial services industry licenses in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Founded in 2001 and now with 90 employees, Pay2Home has a history of industry firsts, being the first remittance company to receive regulatory approval to operate online and the first to pioneer purpose built multilingual self-service Money Transfer Machines. It is the only full omni channel remittance operator in the country, defining it as a FinTech with a successful and proven track record.