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Local FinTech Pay2Home launches Tele-Remittance Service for employers to support Foreign Workers with their remittance

SINGAPORE, 17 April 2020 — In response to the large number of foreign workers being isolated in 12 of the 43 purpose-built dormitories in Singapore, Pay2Home has quickly responded to the call in supporting these foreign workers with their remittance needs.

Although the local FinTech has a comprehensive suite of digital channels available for customers to access remittance services, it is cognizant that many of these foreign workers may not be digitally savvy, and being in isolation means they will face difficulties sending money back home to their families in this critical period.

Employers of foreign workers isolated in their dormitories can simply call Pay2Home’s designated call-line set up to support this initiative to help these employers work with their foreign workers to remit funds back to their family as easily and swiftly as possible.

“All these foreign workers have contributed greatly to the success of Singapore and have worked hard to provide a better life for their families back home. Pay2Home appreciates their contribution and feels responsbile to ensure that we assist them in any way we could during this difficult period,” Pay2Home co-founder David Hulme explains this initiative.

About Pay2Home

A homegrown financial institution, Pay2Home has received multiple entrepreneurship and break through business awards. It has been repeatedly ranked as a top 1,000 SME and holds financial services industry licenses in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Pay2Home has the largest number of ‘bricks & mortar’ outlets in Singapore, it was the first remittance company to receive regulatory approval to operate online, the first to pioneer the purpose-built multilingual self-service Money Transfer Machine (MTM) and the first to offer mobile payments through the Pay2Home Mobile Application.

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