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Pay2Home Launches Self-service Remittance Kiosks in Singapore

24-hour access to fast, low-cost payment solution

SINGAPORE, January 2015 — Easy 24-hour access to money transfers is now a reality in Singapore with the launch of Pay2Home's innovative multilingual self-service remittance kiosks known as Pay2Home Express Terminals (PETs).

Located at each of Pay2Home's four remittance centres across Singapore, PETs provide an interactive self-service, allowing existing clients to access multiple remittance services at their convenience.

With PETs, clients can initiate/transfer money, obtain foreign exchange rates, pay for transactions using NETS and check their transaction history, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The custom-built multilingual PETs dramatically reduce queuing time at the counter during peak trading hours, while catering to a variety of cultures using language options that include Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, and English (Vietnamese, Chinese and Tamil are coming soon).

Pay2Home Director & Co-founder, David Hulme, said that the launch of PETs was a natural progression of Pay2Home's customer service.

"We heard our customer's requests for longer business hours; we listened to their feedback; and we responded by using cutting edge technology," he said.

"This purpose-built Pay2Home Express Terminal is an industry first and certified by NETS."

"We're taking the lead in Singapore for our migrant and expatriate customers - making it smarter, faster, and more convenient to send money internationally."

While Pay2Home's multilingual customer service staff are still in high demand with new and existing clients, Mr Hulme said this additional service channel is particularly valuable to the growing number of techno-savvy users opting for greater convenience and flexibility.

"Thanks to PET, I can now skip the queue and remit in the fastest possible way!" Rochelle Calveria

PETs will also be available to our clients in Hong Kong in the near future.

For more information about PETs, please refer to our PET FAQs here.

For more information, contact:
  • Santi Pangestoe
  • Head of Retail Business
  • T: (65) 6372 2474
  • E: