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Pay2Home is Singapore's First Remittance Company to offer Online Money Transfers

SINGAPORE, October 2010 — Pay2Home has launched an online money transfer service in Singapore, the first for a remittance company in the nation's highly regulated money transfer industry.

The new site - - was created to complement Pay2Home's current retail offering, allowing customers to send money to 40 destinations from the comfort of their armchair without having to visit a bank or remittance branch.

Leveraging the company's cutting edge payments platform, Pay2Home Director, David Hulme, explained that they were able to use its own in-house technology team to develop this new service that was in demand in Singapore.

"Our proprietary technology offers flexibility, allowing us to develop differentiated services for various market segments, with more innovative services to come," he said.

"Customer service is a priority. Our online service will add value to a client's payment experience at no additional cost. Already, our low-cost money transfer services reflect how technology can create payment efficiencies to offer remitters good alternatives to the inflated prices and delays in the industry."

Pay2Home Online is easy to use and secure, with the company applying the highest internet banking security standards of encryption and dual factor authentication.

The online service comes on the heels of Pay2Home receiving its third license for a retail outlet in Singapore. Pay2Home Online will support the company's plan to grow its expat, small business, international student and migrant worker markets.

For more information, contact:
  • Santi Pangestoe
  • Head of Retail Business
  • T: (65) 6372 2474
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